Wrestling Game Turned Wrestling Study


It’s a weird time we’re living in right now, and with me already having two other digital artefacts to balance alongside other assignments, work and personal responsibilities, I have decided to take the opportunity in BCM300 to shift focus. Moving away from a DA, I instead look to do an analysis and study on professional wrestling, and its representation in game form. Here I will be taking the approach of the group project pitch, using this Beta to outline my plan moving forward, based on the ideas I’ve had and findings I’ve come across thus far.

Interestingly, my research for the group presentation in part lent itself towards my work here, as the Gamificationresource once again seemed relevant through the intertwining of the reality of the physical world with the virtual realm of a game. Offering an interesting example of eating broccoli (yes, I’m not kidding), it discusses the…

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