Helping Some Friends Make a Game – BCM 300


As we try to collate our brains so we can all make a good game, the group members of Avalon Sucks have been contributing and collaborating our respective talents to create a game experience that we can all be proud of.

The game we are creating is entitled “Awkward Family Dinner”

Its premise is simple,

You’re visiting your family for dinner again and these meals are always so awkward. To liven up the night you try to get your Mum to drink as much as possible without causing her to pass out and ruin the night.”

The rules are as follows:


The bag of tokens (60) is placed in the middle with the draw pile next to it. The players (3 to 8) arrange themselves around it.

The game begins with the player with the oldest Mum picking a card off the draw pile. They read the card…

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