Badlands, a game that may (hypothetical) happen – BCM300


Earlier this semester I talked about the game Badlands,

An original scenario/story telling based card party game that involved a lot of game dynamics from Bucket of Doom and Cards Against Humanity .

The game’s concept/storyline is simple; you’re traversing through a post-apocalyptic wasteland where you’ll encounter many dangers, using your own creativity and wit, you will use a slew of objects to navigate the perils that you’ll come to face.

The game is mainly aimed to be a comedic, party game experience, with simple rules thatt anyone can pick up quickly, marketed towards the same audience as those who would enjoy games such as Cards Against Humanity and who won’t mind some profanity or crass scenarios.

The game rules are simple:

  • The players (3-8) draw 5 white “object” cards, each with a seemingly useless object written on it
  • The player with the largest thumb will be the first to…

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