What Did You Do In ‘The BCM Bois 2’? (Oh hey, that rhymed…)

Timothy Cuff | Video Editor and Sound Designer

In developing a brand new tabletop game with my fellow teammates, Drew and Chris, the first thing we did as a group was to drawn upon inspiration from both our previous work together as well as something that united us, a passion we could all look to and say, “Yeah, we all like that thing, let’s do that”. And so…

…the BCM Bois were back, this time with a vengeance! Or at least as much vengeance as a bunch of computer nerds can hope for. Thus, our project Griefers Getting Good was born from our collective interest in gaming – a topic which we already broached in a previous subject to mixed effect.

Nonetheless, we strove forward with this concept, bearing in mind precursor works like Coup, The Resistance, Ultimate Werewolf and even Cards against Humanity, all card games which are deceptively simple on the surface but…

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