Oscilfunk: ifGamePrototype=YES; run “C:CyberhackingStuffblogPostPublish.exe”

Timothy Cuff | Video Editor and Sound Designer

Artwork edited into banner image:

  • Cyberpunk World Map by Klaus Pillon
  • Sightseeing by Klaus Pillon
  • Unexpected Meeting by Klaus Pillon
  • A Walk on S16-293 by Klaus Pillon

mount “C:”;

No, that’s not really working. Kinda lame, but at the same time, retro and cool (with a sly little reference for those older video game players out there). Hmm, I wonder if that has any significance to the game I’m making now…?

So, what I’m trying to say is: I’m iterating my game project to the point where I’m ditching the Rapidpitch idea. One, because I kinda got bored with it and struggled with defining the game mechanically and two, because it already exists in the form of Pitchstorm, pretty much as I imagined it.

I should know.

‘Cause I played it.

And in fact, you can see it in the banner picture…

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