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Adventure Land has been assessed by multiple groups which have led to changes within the game. This feedback has improved the concept by informing me of what I’ve missed or ways the game can evolve.

For a comprehensive understanding of Adventure Land, I suggest visiting my previous post. Otherwise, a quick look at Adventure Land:
Is a game where the players’ choices further the story based in Adventure Land.
Theme – A Fantasy Role-Playing Game for Children.
Mechanics – Storybook choices per turn, Coin flipping, Dice rolling, Dice Materiality (Heating and Cooling), Character building and Timed Actions.
Designed for – Children with mental developmental Disorders to help with imagination and critical thinking.

Using the Pitch concept as well as remaining true to the themes and mechanic of the game, I designed my first StoryBook, a set of rules and a very basic map.

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 22.01.54

After this, I contacted professionals…

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