‘The Engagement’


If you haven’t already seen my Fruit Salad pitch, follow the link to read about my ideation process.

★   ★   ★

For those of you who need a quick recap, I am developing a game I’ve created called Fruit Salad.


In the week 2 subject materials, Jonathan Barbara (2015) explains how boardgames bring people together, stating “the tangible nature of the boardgames itself  requires colocation of the players looking down at the playing surface and facing each other.” When thinking about my game’s purpose, the game experience for the players was one of my top priorities. As stated by Konieczny (2017), “people engage in tabletop gaming not to win, but because it is the social aspect of play.” Fruit Salad aims to be the perfect family/friend game night entertainment to bring people together for a very social and interactive experience.


Looking back…

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