Group Contribution – Griefers Get Good

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Previously in group work that Drew, Tim and I have created, we have generally stuck with a theme in our group projects. And this one is no different, The game that we have decided to create is called Griefers Get Good. It is based around our recurring ‘gamer’ theme. In terms of my contribution to the project, I was involved in background research for the game and its influences for themes and mechanics. To understand how our the game is influenced, first let me explain the games mechanics and the games themes (which have been done by Drew and Tim respectively).

Game Mechanics


Game Theme

Pulse pounding, you hear distant cheering and whistling from the crowd above. Stepping out onto the showfloor, you’re blinded by the array of lights as they scatter across the arena. You walk with your team towards the set of PCs that await your command, waiting for…

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