[BCM 300] You Beta Dress For Success!


You can find my initial pitch for my individual game here.

Below is a video overview of some of the significant developments that I have made to my individual game.

As indicated in the above video, unfortunately due to the current circumstances, I am not going to be able to playtest “Dress for Success” with its intended audience. With that being said, I have been lucky enough to receive some fantastic feedback which I plan to consider and take on board to further develop my game project:

My notes from a discussion with Kylie Joselin about “Dress for Success”, a support manager from Aruma Disability Services:

  • Joselin felt that the game could indeed have a place in the field of people with autism or intellectual disabilities. This was significant as it validated the background research I conducted for my initial project pitch.
  • It was suggested that “Dress for…

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