BCM 300 Personal Game Design BETA Update- SPACE DRAGONS !!

The Arkon Agency

Branching off:

Initially, I was going to develop a Dungeons and Dragons setting/adventure book, and although I have a chunk of that project complete, I have changed projects. While doing research on mechanics for the lectures via the playing/researching of traditional card games like Yugioh and MTG, I spent the night accidentally developing a fully functional model for a completely unique and fun game. The working title of my Project is called SPACE DRAGONS!! (The Two exclamation points are required.) and it features exploration, combat, deck cultivation, faction effects and of course big, fickle, horde loving dragons… in space.

Nuvureem, the Mighty Shadow Dragon. As powerful as the King Himself


The source of my initial want to complete a project like this came purely from doing research while preparing for online delivery classes. I was looking at past Kickstarter projects, and came across Reign Absolute, which was a faction-based warfare card game. (https://reignabsolute.com/) At this time I was still in…

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