Wa$te Wizardz: Another Waste-related DA!

Lazy Susan.

I’ve reached my fifth year of BCM now, and those who’ve been following along have probably noticed a common trend when observing the theme of my DA’s: If it’s not something to do with laser cutting, it’s something to do with food waste. And so for this group project (sadly, my last for BCM), I inevitably stuck to the tradition and forced my group to join me in this passionate pursuit!

However, my contribution to the group project so far has extended beyond simply pushing the theme of waste on my unsuspecting team mates, and trying to get everyone as bolstered and enthusiastic as I seem to be about it. Instead, our group has been using weekly Zoom meetings to look at innovative and creative ways of designing a board game which educates children about waste, but is somewhat “disguised” as something else, through clever theme and character…

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