Plague City – BETA

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Since my pitch, a lot of things have changed for my game. With a lot of feedback I was given, I came up with a new ‘hybrid’ sort of game that mixes my idea of a board game based around ‘Coup‘. with a hint of ‘Werewolf (commonly referred to as ‘Mafia’)’‘. Not to mention adding my own sort of unique twist and story for the game. If unsure of what Coup is, please refer back to my pitch blog post, if unsure of what Werewolf is,this quick youtube video explains it pretty well. With all that being said, what actually is my game?

To put it simply it’s a bluffing game which requires players to deduct roles and come to a conclusion. It has all the elements of games that inspired it such as having hidden roles, varying player powers, player elimination and the…

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