Beta not Kale My Vibe

Design of my game at this point! It’s obvious I’m not a graphic designer but here we go!

Copy of Untitled-22CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTERCopy of Don't Kale My Vibe-2

Mockup Obstacle and Chance Cards:

Untitled design-2Since my original pitch, I have developed the storyline of my game further. This focused on characters, finalising the board game itself along with the rules and cards. I have done a rough playtest with my roommate once. However we played off my computer screen and used a digital dice, we also used sticky notes as our characters moving along the board. For the chance and obstacle cards, I wrote them out on a google doc and pulled numbers out of a bowl – all this as we don’t have a printer! 

After playing once a few things became apparent straight away 

  • I would need probably 50+ chance and obstacle cards in order to keep the game fresh every time it was played – especially for a…

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