Pissed Up Picassos – Contribution

The Other Side Of Paradise

Myself, Jasmine Montanna and Ben Vance began the creation of our game with a simple brain storm. Since I was in the previous class to them, I created a google doc for us before they started their class, that way we could all contribute at different times. While I was brainstorming by myself, I wrote down “drunk painting” because I attended a drunk art class recently and really enjoyed it. After Ben and Jasmine had their class and saw that idea, it was smooth sailing in terms of the conceptualisation of our idea.

Due to me previously doing a project about University drinking, I had some background information about not only drinking culture but also specifically University drinking culture. Due to not only my background information but also all three of our passion for drinking, we knew that we could make something great with this concept.

So with all this…

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