Group Contribution Summary: Game Experience Theme, Narrative and Story World.


For our group presentation, I was allocated to work on the game experience theme, narrative and story world. Games can be seen like a form of media and communication and as a means of expression. Game stories are driven by narratives with a classic three-act structure. Regarding how games convey narratives, Christopher Moore states: “Games…are effective ways of transmitting ideas, stories, philosophies and ideologies”. All games have a beginning, middle and an end. 

With our game, the beginning is where it’s important to understand its rules and aim, which is to be the first one to reach the end of the board, guess the item/object being drawn on the board correctly and on time (40 seconds to draw and guess respectively). Each player takes turns in drawing the object and must pick out a card which has the name and definition of the concept/object to be drawn; there…

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