BCM300 Group contribution – “Hoe on the dance floor”

Ashlan Rose

When we first started pitching board game ideas to each other, we all tried to find similar interests and focus on games that we all already enjoyed. Thus, we decided to create a drinking board game! The hardest part of this task was to make it more interesting and different to existing drinking games by adding a storyline and theme. Chris from One Thousand XP explores the concept of “observing something someone has already created, internalising it and interpret it in a way thats different. that gives you the inspiration to come up with something else entirely.” Subconsciously, this is what we had achieved when we were brainstorming ideas.
Mikayla brought the idea of a “nightclub experience” to the table and we all agreed it was perfect! We all had knowledge of what a nightclub experience was like and we would all enjoy playing it ourselves. After numerous discord/zoom meetings…

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