Hoe On the Dance Floor: My Contribution

Upon being tasked with the opportunity we all initially likened to the idea of a drinking theme. Thus Mikayla suggested a rough outline of what is now Hoe On the Dance Floor. We’ve had weekly zoom meetings and many discussions every few days through messenger regarding processes and contributing our thoughts and ideas, which has helped the development of our game come along smoothly. We broke up tasks, research areas and game prototype sections. We kept all our ideas bunched together in this Google Doc. 

A very basic mood board: HoeBASIC RUNDOWN:

The main idea is to replicate a night out on a tabletop board game, with optional drinking game add on. With a few basic mechanics ;

  • Roll and move
  • Picking up cards (move forward, move backwards, skip a go) paired with relatable clubbing experiences (for our target audience) e.g.You’re the deso! A true hero. Move forward x spaces…

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