[BCM 300] You’ll Play This Game to Death…


You can find the posts of my other group members here: James and Ben’s post(s).

As indicated in the above video, my contribution to the group game and presentation is the design, development and playtesting of our game, “Big Rip”.

The experience we want players to have whilst engaging with this game is one that emphasises interaction; with banter encouraged as a core element of the experience- for instance, the game states that the “player who is most likely to die first, goes first in turn order”. The game aims to provide a forum for a bit of dark humour and corporates death as a key element of the narrative. Designed to be enjoyed by both the casual tabletop player and the most die-hard (get it?) expert, I like to think that Big Rip would be a great game to crack open and play (or spectate) at parties and gatherings.

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