Awkward Family Dinner


Games Night is a sacred tradition among many families and household. On those hallowed eves, brother battles against brother, wars are waged between mother and daughter, and friends fight to be crowned the funniest at the table. But, not only do interactive table top games strengthen bonds and bring joy, they are great for improving motor and problem solving skills!

Presently, the adult party card game industry is dominated by the one and only Cards Against Humanity. For years, it has reigned as the supreme card game that’s so wrong it’s right. It has become the pinnacle of many parties and a tool for measuring self-worth based on humour-levels. But, we feel it’s time for a new kid on the block; one that taps into something much closer to home: the inherent awkwardness of all family gatherings.

AS Studios presents: Awkward Family Dinner. The situational card game for…

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