Throw Throw Burrito and More Games That Make Me Want to Throw Things

Board games make mad sometimes… like throw stuff mad.

When you feel like it

Game #1: Exploding Kittens


It’s a riot. I love this came and had heaps of fun playing it with my group. I was the only one to have played this game before so it was excellent to see how this fun, easy, family-friendly party game was for people new to the game. 

The game was designed by Elan Lee and Matthew Inman from ‘The Oatmeal’. This was a Kickstarter game that exceeded it’s US$10,000 crowdfunding goal in eight minutes. This was a record-breaking feat. The Oatmeal art style puts this game in a world of cats that work as different cards. From the basic, ‘bearded cat’ to the powerful cats that can ‘see into the future’ we are thrown into a hilarious world that all ages can enjoy.


The Russian Roulette-esque, luck-based game mechanic is perfectly melded with strategy through cleverly designed cards. This gives an overall experience…

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