‘The Pitch’




The first game I took my main inspiration from is F**k, a psychological adult card game, where players have the freedom to swear as they try to “identify colours and words when they are jumbled together.” (Gameology, n.d.) Being a 20 year old who doesn’t swear (shocking, I know), my first experience of this game had me changing the rules and avoiding all these expletives. I remember saying to my girl friends that I wanted a “Nicole-friendly” version of this game, which is exactly what I’m here to pitch.

asf_14.1_fig_1F**k is a game that explores the Stroop Effect. Stroop’s innovation was to “show, clearly and definitively, that our embedded knowledge about our environment impacts how we interact with it”. Stroop’s research is very well known – you might find you are familiar with one of his psychological tests, where you read a list of colours, either stating…

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