Individual Game Pitch – Drunk Jenga


For my individual BCM300 project pitch, I will be presenting and developing on a game similar to the well known Jenga. Jenga was created Leslie Scottin the early 1970’s and was launched at the London Toy Fair in early 1983. As of late 2017, the brand had sold over 80 million Jenga games and is currently ranking number two in the top selling toys and games on Amazon.

Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 7.52.23 am.png

This game currently provides an educational objective of developing social skills for individuals over the age of six. 54 blocks are stacked, and players must remove one block at a time before placing it on top of the stack. Players must continue this until the tower is too unstable to remain standing or a player knocks it over; resulting in a loss of the game.

Before discussing the production of my individual project, I must state that some aspects…

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