Hidden Animals BCM300 Game Pitch.

Bodhi's Blog

This blog post is my idea on a game I am going to make for BCM 300 Game Media. My goal is to create an educational game for 2-4-year-olds. The style of this game will be visual learning.

I want this game to teach kids about the natural wildlife they can find in their backyards. As a child, I was always interested in animals and I think this can be a great way to teach kids about it. “Games are a communication media” (Egenfeldt-Nielson et al. 2012 P.35.) Egenfeldt-Nielson is stating that games are a form of communication, the form of communication in my game will be educational. This will be a more fun way to learn of the topic “native Australian animals.”

Playing games is essential to childhood development. This game will provide children with the opportunity to improve their social skills “Play is related to improved social and…

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