BoardTalk – a BCM300 pitch

Hobby board games, designed for adults, pushed the category’s growth to the next level. It’s become a new go-to social activity (Oliver, 2018)

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As COVID-19 has pushed BCM300 to online delivery, I have chosen to pursue a Digital Artefact for my individual project titled BoardTalk. This project will follow 2 new boardgamers (my girlfriend and I) playing games and rating the overall experience. We are excited to investigate Pandemic, Codenames and Exploding Kittens.

From party games to strategy, various game mechanisms will be explored including; Hot Potato, Player Elimination, Communication Limits, Memory, Cooperative Gaming and Variable Player Powers.

To document our experience BoardTalk will be featured on either a podcast or video series. The series will be broken into 3 episodes, each examining 1 game where we will discuss the game materials, gameplay, positives, negatives and personal reflection.


BoardTalk will target board game newbies, couples and friends. During this time of social distancing, the popularity of board games has skyrocketed. Using Google Trends I have identified that there has been a 488% increase in board game searches over the past 2 months. This also extends our audience reach by targeting those interested in board games as a result of social distancing regulations.

Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 7.26.49 pm

Searches for the Pandemic tabletop game surged in popularity dramatically in line with the introduction of social distancing. This highlights that board games are of increased interest, and those isolating could be one of BoardTalk’s evergrowing audience during this time.

Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 7.37.04 pm

The above graph shows interest over the last 5 years in Australia for the Pandemic tabletop game, with search interest peaking from March 22nd to 28th 2020.

Renee and I are currently deciding on the possibility of a 4th episode which would follow our experience playing Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch on Netflix. Using Twitter’s poll feature, we will see if fellow BCM300 students will be interested in this. This could prove interesting as we may establish a preference for tabletop or onscreen gaming.

Personal experiences

I never actively pursue board games, as I am devoted to my PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. However, BCM300 introduced me to the beautiful world that is board games and the socialisation it entails. My experience is limited to relatively mainstream games such as Monopoly, Connect4, Uno and Cards Against Humanity. Following social isolation, Renee and I looked into board games that many proclaimed to be their favourites on Reddit and BoardGameGeek.

To kick off this series, we will touch on our limited experience with board games and how that came to be. We can ask ourselves;

  1. What has deterred us from board games?
  2. What board game genre intrigues us the most?
  3. What are our general perceptions of board games?
  4. What board games did we play growing up?
  5. Do we participate in gaming elsewhere?

To conclude each episode, we will reflect on the following questions;

  1. What did we enjoy? What did we dislike?
  2. Would we actively play this game again?
  3. Who would enjoy this game?
  4. Has our perception of board games changed?
  5. How does it compare to console/virtual gaming?

(Rough) timeline

Week 6 – Research, preparation, testing various platforms (SoundCloud, Twitch, YouTube)

Week 7, 8 – Recording 3 episodes of BoardTalk and editing using Adobe software

Week 9 – BETA ready for presentation

Week 10, 11 – Using feedback, implement further changes and edits to content if necessary

Week 12 – Submission ready, final product produced

Thanks for reading,

Caitlin 🍻


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