Against The Clock : The Game To TikTok Fame (hopefully)

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When enrolling in BCM300 I knew VERY little about tabletop games. When I was younger I rarely ever played boardgames unless it was Monopoly Junior or Trouble and back then I wasn’t focused on the game mechanics but more so the overall enjoyment and competitiveness it provided to a little Georgie. As I got older I started playing more games with friends when we were having dinner and drinks at a friend’s house (You could say I became a big fan of party themed games).While our in-class tabletop sessions were cut short, I did however play several games that taught me the basic mechanics and themes in various different board and card games.

When it came to brainstorming potential game ideas I knew of aspects I would want my game to have. The main aspect being ‘Would it be something I would play?’. This aspect was very important to me…

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