The Board Game You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Considering part of my degree is surrounding social media, it was only fitting I took this opportunity to take a satirical approach to analyse the way in which social media is used. More specifically how “influencers” make use of the platform. I went back and forth on using this topic to base a board game off. It could easily be taken out of context and seen as offensive.

Inspiration for this theme has come from my love of the Betoota Advocate and sites alike.

Betoota Advocate is known for their witty headlines such as;

Unemployed Influencer Captions Latest Holiday Pic As A ‘Much Needed Break’

Local Girl Breaks World Record For Stretching BFF’s Birthday Tribute To Over 150 Insta Stories

Their main premises is taking the mickey out of everything that’s going on in the world but mainly in Australia. That’s the kind of satire I want to develop into…

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