Battle of the Gods

Something About Aliah

I have decided to create a game that coincides with the Greek Mythology, fantasy/history genre made for 2-4 people. The storyline is; A fight has broken out amongst four gods, Zeus, Athena, Poseidon and Ares. They all want to be the primary god worshipped by the Greeks. All the gods have been able to convince some communities they’re superior, although 46 Greek islands remain unconvinced. Using your assigned god, convince all islands you’re the superior god, while also getting help from the remaining 8 Olympians.

The aim of the game, is similar to Risk, the 10th best selling game in history, following the war and conquest theme. In Risk, you want to take over the world by strategically positioning your army, knowing when to attack, while also having the aspect of luck through relying on the roll of dice. In ‘Battle of the Gods’, I have adjusted…

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