BCM300 DA Pitch


BCM300 DA Pitch (due 17th April)

For the BCM300 Digital Artefact, I aim to create an educational printable board game that targets and stimulates family communication between children aimed 5-9 and their parents or carers in 5-10 years time. This DA will take place over 2 subjects, BCM300 & BCM325. I have modified my structure slightly since the BCM325 pitch, so here is the revised concept & methodology of the DA.

For the BCM325 aspect of the game, which I have discussed here, I will be focusing on the cards that will be featured in the game. These ‘action’ cards, will be well-researched and academically based cards that will focus on creating a meaningful discussion between parent & child. It is within BCM325 that I will be focusing on the future aspect of this DA, finding a way to make it relevant in 5-10 years. For the BCM300 aspect of…

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