BCM325 Pitch – Future of freelance film making


I am planning on looking at the future of freelance and home film making and it’s technology for my DA

With everyday consumers having the ability the create high quality video. Freelance video has never been more achievable and a good businesses without a social media presence these days is rare. But is the availability of quality challenging creators? Is technology making it too easy for anyone to create good video content?

I will create a series of 3 blog posts equally spaced between week 7 and week 12, and they will explore these questions thoroughly.

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  1. Hi Jack,

    As a freelance camera operator and editor, I’m personally very interested to see what you discover with this project.

    The scope seems very achievable and I like the mix of primary and secondary research. If you can, it might be worth seeking out freelance videographers from a variety of backgrounds, (i.e. those who have been in the industry a while, newcomers, formally educated and self-taught, immigrants, etc.) as I think you will find a variety of opinions and experiences. I like tour idea of using a variety of mediums to gather people’s thoughts and comments, and Reddit seems like an excellent space for a discussion like this.

    Official information such as this MEAA ‘Freelance Charge-out Rates’ (1) guide might prove helpful for informing you of what the industry looks like from a numbers perspective and complement the research you have already outlined. I would also be interested in seeing if the future of freelance filmmaking could perhaps be mapped out against another industry, such as web design, which has already seen advancements in widely accessible technology.

    Another area of research you could include is the use of artificial intelligence. Although far from perfect, or indeed usable, artificial intelligence is being developed to write books and screenplays. ‘Intelligent digital filmmaker DMP’ (2) is an article that presents a system which is designed to create a film by taking an imputed screenplay and applying cinematic knowledge to ‘direct’ the work and output a film.

    I think there is an opportunity for you to address your personal future here through the people you are interviewing. Although it is difficult with the current COVID-19 restrictions, perhaps you could record one of the interviews you conduct as another addition to your online portfolio?

    I’m interested to see what you find!

    Resources mentioned above:
    1. MEAA ‘Freelance Charge-out Rates’ – https://www.meaa.org/download/recommended-freelance-rates/
    2. ‘Intelligent digital filmmaker DMP’ – https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/1238137


  2. Hey Jake,

    I don’t know a whole lot about freelancing so it was interesting to read about a topic that I would not normally engage with. It is crazy to think about how many things will change due to technology. I completely agree with your point about how easy it is for people to make quality content from their smartphones.

    Wired wrote an article about the future of freelancing and how popular it is becoming. They state “today the opportunity for freelancers is exploding, as is the development of tools allowing people to work independently”. There are some interesting statistics in this post, that you could potentially use in your blog posts.


    I liked how you provided a timeline on when you will post. This will make it easier to hold yourself accountable. It would be a cool idea, like you already mentioned to address one of the questions you asked for each of your blog posts. Potentially, even trying to get some insight from others in the industry too.

    Good job !!


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