BCM300-Board Game Experience

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I have been playing board game a lot since I was a kid,Monopoly was one of my favorite board game and it is also the board game that I spend most time on it.

In this semester, I have another chance to experience some new board game.However, I missed first week’s tutorial due to the effect of the COVID-19.I can not arrive in Wollongong on time because of the travel ban which is kind unlucky.

In week two’s tutorial,we were break into a group and each group need to play and experience a board game.The game that my group played was called “Coup”

Coup was published in 2012 by La Mame Games,it is available for 2-6 players that plays in about 10-15 minutes.

Each player will have 2 coins and 2 character cards(influence),and there are 5 different character in this game,each character have their unique abilities.

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