Bigger than Monopoly – BCM300

Life in the Fields

Monopoly, Pictionary, and Connect Four were the only tabletop games my family would play during my childhood and were commonly reserved for a blackout or a trip down the coast. Over the last three weeks, my ‘Experience Game Design’ course has been playtesting various analog and tabletop games whilst studying the format and medium.

The game that I experienced playing in class was The Resistance, A social deduction party game involving 5 – 10 players. The game was designed by Don Eskridge, published and distributed by Indie Boards and Cards and first published in 2010.

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 12.06.01 pm

Image from EB Games

My group was playing The Resistance and had experienced some difficulty understanding the game mechanics. This is because our group were accustomed to playing videogames and mass-market games with a significantly larger physical presence and more defined boundaries. After some guidance, it became clear how the mechanics of the…

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