The Gameplay of a Non-Gamer


Week 1:



The word association, deduction focused game Codenames was designed by Vlaada Chvátil and published by Czech Games in 2015. The “spies, agents, revealing secret identities” themed game is targets players aged 14 and over.


Beginning this game, myself and three other classmates split into two teams and allocated the role of the spymaster to one person per team. The spymasters then sat on one side of the table while the guessers sat across from them. For the first round my teammate was the spymaster and I was the guesser. To begin the game, we laid out the tiles of 25 agent’s codenames. The spymasters knew the codenames for each of their agents from looking off the key card. With this, the spymasters battled to make contact with all of their agents first. This was achieved by providing one word clues, in addition to the number of codenames…

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