Unicorns and Sunlight

The Other Side Of Paradise

Week 1:

We kicked off our class with our first game –

Unstable Unicorns.

pic 1`

The cute cards instantly got everyone in an awesome mood. I think half the time I wasn’t even reading what the card did, I was more interested in what the unicorn looked like!

The game definitely had a spark that a lot of games don’t have. While everyone (except for Mara who was a board game savant) had limited board game experience, it instantly drew us in.

Unstable Unicorns was made by Tee Turtle who “raised over $1,800,000 on the First KickStarter and over $2,000,000 on the newest Kickstarter to make Unstable Unicorns a reality!”

The premise of the game is to get 7 unicorns out of your hand onto the table (aka a stable). While on a surface level it seems simple, it really isn’t. Each card has a unique effect which has pre-requisites that…

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