Ultimate Werewolf, is it a game?

Generally unimpressed.

In week two my BCM300 class collectively played a game titled Ultimate Werewolf, a simple game with the ideology that the more players the better. The game is produced by Bézier Games and designed by Ted Alspach. It sells for $25.95 on their website with expansion packs available for those who just cant get enough.

ultimate werewofl.png Photo sourced from Bézier Games

I recommend checking out this video if you want to understand how to play.

Whats unique about this game is the sheer amount of people that can simultaneously play, with the ability for up to 75 players able to play at once. This is an essential mechanism of the game as each round at least one player ‘dies’, without enough players the game would end almost as quick as it started. In this way the game rules are essential in supporting the mechanics and goals of the game i.e give…

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