Tabletop Seminars: A Personal Account

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Tabletop games have increased in popularity due to its readily accessible means of acquiring new products. With the help of the internet, board games have become easier to discover along with the support of crowdfunding where a lot of games are in the process of looking to be published (Sargeantson, 2020).


In our first seminar I was introduced to two completely new games, a.k.a. “foundation games”, each with very different mechanics and aims. “Sushi Go! The Pick and Pass Card Game”, was a weird and funky family-friendly card game that took on the mechanisms of card drafting, hand management, set collection, and simultaneous action selection (BoardGameGeek, 2013). I mentioned to the group that I, as a graphic designer, would definitely emulate the style of illustration set out by Nan Rangsima, Tobias Schweiger, and Phil Walker-Harding, if I were to invent a similar game.


These mechanics weren’t fully recognised…

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