Social Experiences in Board Games – Part 1

Harrison East

On each Friday of the past two weeks, I’ve experienced various board-games with varying degrees of accessibility and lessons to be learnt.

Rhino Hero

Starting off in week 1, we played ‘Rhino Hero’, which is a rather simple game, aimed at children of ages 5+. In short, it’s card stacking with a twist.

The understanding of this game was simple. Deal the ‘roof cards’. Take turns playing a roof card and use the ‘building / wall cards’ to build the stack higher and higher. The aim is to play roof cards with a Rhino icon, so that the next person must move the Rhino figure onto the appropriate roof card, in the attempt to have them be the ones to make the stack fall over; resulting in them being the loser. The aim of having other move the Rhino, I believe to be key.

Among Thieves

The second notable…

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