My experience with Board Games

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Coming into BCM300, I wasn’t quite new to board games, but I certainly wouldn’t consider myself well acquainted with them.

While I still enjoy a video game every so often, my ‘gaming’ days are also behind me, for the most part.

So I looked at BCM300 as a subject that would help me reconnect with my childhood love of games of all sorts. I have fond memories of playing board games with my parents, on holidays with extended family, or even with friends on some occasions.

However, I knew I’d be seeing some unfamiliar games. My experience consisted mainly of well-known ‘standard’ boardgames; snakes and ladders, pickup sticks, Uno and Connect Four among others. However I was well aware there were plenty other popular games out there, as can be seen in Money Inc’s article of the worlds’ best selling games.

Week one of BCM300 introduced us to some simple…

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