Zelda food, contextual essay


My digital artifact aimed at finding the food representation inThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the relationship between the game and culture, and answering are the food relevant actives important to the gameplay, or fandom life?


The reason why I chose to focus on food in Zelda was that I personally interested in food culture in general. Still, also, there is an article mentioned Zelda food while he discussed video game food significant elements. 

Additionally, as Esposito(2005) identified, “a videogame is a game which we play thanks to an audiovisual apparatus and which can be based on a story.” In the narrative, in the life of the characters, food is always there. Nowadays, you can find food appeared in more video games, and cooking in video games gained more and more popularity. Perhaps it is a strategy that the game producer attempted to…

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