The Representation of Women in Gaming as an Issue

Creative and Critical Thoughts

For the final version of my digital artefact, I’ve
created a ten-minute video essay with a media archaeology of female characters
and adventure games as well as a comparative analysis between Life is Strange and
Telltale’s The Walking Dead. My analytical framework was made up of:

– A media archaeology of adventure games and female

– Feminism

– Genre – Narrative and dialogue

I also touch on the political economy of The Walking
Dead with the shutdown of Telltales.

Ideation and Concept of Idea


The main components I focused on in creating this project was my player context, genre context and socio-cultural context. The player context consisted of my first-hand experiences with the games I used as my case studies. I achieved this by playing the first two episodes of Life is Strange and watching let’s plays of Season 2 The Walking Dead on Jacksepticeye’s channel.


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