MORE MONEY MORE STUFF pt.1 – The Sims as Representation of Capitalism

Mai Dang

This is Part 1 of my blog series on The Sims – game analysis. See the overview of my project here, and project update here.


The Sims, suggested even through its name, is a life simulation game. It is designed for players to replicate the contemporary world in their own creative way. But what kind of world are we living in? That is, arguably, a world of capitalistic culture and materialism and The Sims has been successful in replicating such a society.


I started getting back into The Sims earlier in September to gather my thoughts on this topic as well as few others you’ll see coming in this series of blog posts. This time around, I’ve kept records of my insights and what I make out of the gameplay experience. Here are some excerpts relating to Capitalist Society topic

2nd Sep After designing my Sims…

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