Grand Theft Auto: Socio-Cultural

steff harris

“Culture, as the site where meaning is generated and experienced, becomes a determining, productive field through which social realities are constructed, experienced and interpreted’’

(Turner 1996)

In my previous blog post, I discussed some of the structural components of various Grand Theft Auto releases. Now, I would like to focus on the various meanings we have created from this game, with an emphasis on womens’ roles.

“It is a common criticism, and a deservedly fair one, thatGrand Theft Auto’s treatment and objectification of women is pretty poor in a time where women make upover 50 percent of gamers”.

(Cleaver 2015)


Most of GTA’s female characters are sexualised in one way or another. On, GTA fans “rate” which female character is hotter.

Meme’s and GIFs are created.

Torture and Violence

It’s interesting because this specific game forces the player to be violent in order…

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