Grand Theft Auto: Female Representation

steff harris

We’re living in a time where everyone has an opinion and most have the internet connection to contribute to discussion. Minority groups now have a greater voice, but unfortunately there is still a ways to go when including and accurately representing them in the media.

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According to, players spend about 7 hour and 7 minutes a week playing video games. This ultimately gives video games a lot of power to influence our thinking.

Video-games, although often dismissed as being trivial in the realm of academia, can carry just as much weight and meaning as any other medium, and there is no exception in the case of presenting and reinforcing stereotypes.

(Cox 2016)

Grand Theft Auto is a game series that has been known to play on racial and gender stereotypes. Rockstar’s game series plays on these stereotypes through power fantasy and social commentary. When questioned about…

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