Bodhi Todd Contextual Essay


Iteration cycle:

This DA didn’t go through that much of an iteration cycle because I changed my mind on this project within the last 3 weeks of class as the other was not going to work.

 Ideation and concept:

My ideation took place in a brain dump/mind map that was full of game related thing I owned as I wanted this project to be as easy as it could for myself. My concept is to give the users/viewers an overview of the history of Mario kart.


I researched the general ideas about Mario Kart, I then narrowed down into the main versions of the game and extracted information I thought was valuable. I then wrote a paragraph or two on each version. I then made a collage of additional information and images to a company the paragraph on each version of the game.

I set out to create an interactive blog with working links and info graphics that I made. I wanted to create something that was aesthetic and full of useful and exciting information.

Background research:

Mario Kart is one of the most well-known games. The history of it is what led me to create this DA. I think it is interesting how it has changed over time to suit user’s needs.


 With the recent release of Mario Kart on mobile I thought this may be of interest to people playing it. The main utility of this DA is to give information on the history of Mario Kart and do it in a fun interactive way.

 Response to feedback via pitch and beta

 When I pitched, my idea was different to what it is now. My original idea was to compare the same game over different consoles. I thought that this re-vamp of my DA would’ve been much better. The feedback I got from my pitch and beta was on a different DA idea, therefore it was not relevant to this project. This made it hard to evaluate through the use of feedback loops.

 Overall trajectory

 The path that this DA has taken has been ideation, iteration and then being out on the internet.


I think it is full of information and it has been completed how I wanted it to be.


This DA didn’t reach as many people as I would’ve liked it to. I also found it very hard to get feedback on this DA because I changed my idea after the pitch and beta periods. This was probably a crucial mistake by me. This is probably because there hasn’t been much time where it has been online. It is also a very specific niche. My website doesn’t reach many people and this isn’t the sort of thing that is normally on my website either.

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