BCM215 Contextual Essay


You can find my BCM215 Digital Artefact here:

EP1: Fact, Myth or Fiction – Medusa

EP2: Fact, Myth or Fiction – The Great Sphinx

BCM215 Contextual Essay

 The Overall ideation and trajectory of this project didn’t drastically change throughout the course of the project. The proposed concept and methodology remained the same when compared to my Pitch, although my schedule did change, as highlighted below.


Schedule v1Current

Schedule v2Methodology

The methodology behind the Fact, Myth or Fiction was complex and time consuming, primarily due to the background research involved. I will break my methodology down into 5 steps.

  1. Research & Framework

The research for the videos was surprisingly difficult, especially in the first video. When analysing a mythological creature such as Medusa, I found it difficult to find a definitive story line for her background, so I moulded her story line from a range of sources, including videos, popular…

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