‘The Highlights of 100 P.3’


If you haven’t already, follow the links to watch ‘The Highlights of 100 P.1’ and read ‘The Highlights of 100 P.2’ of this series! 🙂

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For this third and final video I will be discussing whether remakes and remasters are cash grabs or whether there is an actual demand for them, specifically looking at Crash Team Racing (CTR) Nitro-Fueled.


When I first did research on this question the main points that comes up view it as a cash grab. Legler (2016) argues “a company will never forget how well their games performed and how well they were received. In that case, as far as the producer is concerned, it would be stupid not to remaster a popular title – wouldn’t it be?” I personally find this a very valid argument for companies – why wouldn’t they take advantage of a game that’s doing really well and remaster…

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