YouRiding // DA Contextual Essay BCM215


Pitch Blog Post: How are YouRiding Your Bodyboard?

Blog post: Out With the Old and In With the New?

Blog post: Initial thoughts on YouRiding

Blog Post: How did the new version change the game expereince?

Blog Post A personal comparison of the game experience vs real expereince

Blog Post: Summary of the Analytical Framework


Throughout this digital artefact, I aimed to explore many aspects of the YouRiding game. This included its game play, user interface, it’s depiction of real waves, the gamers experience and opinions, comparisons of the versions and a personal comparison of the game and real experience of surfing/bodyboarding.


Through a series of blog posts, I have been able to develop a string of posts around numerous topics regarding YouRiding. These were shared to Twitter. I was also able to collect information through numerous websites, Reddit, game reviews etc. I further developed…

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