[BCM 215] Adaptation Arcade Contextual Essay & Reflection


You can access my DA podcast here and my DA capstone blog post here.

My Digital Artefact is an exploration of movie adaptations of video games. Originally, as indicated in my initial Digital Artefact pitch, I aimed to just create several podcast episodes featuring special guests and unpacking various movie adaptations of video games. However, after reflecting upon my Digital Artefact in its Beta presentation stage, I realised that, at least in its initial form, my DA was not analytical enough. Moreover, while it engaged with several game media paratexts, I had not critically analysed the content throughout my multiple podcast episodes. As such, I decided to also write an accompanying ‘capstone’ blog post to ensure that the DA not only adhered better to the BCM 215 subject marking criteria but also to challenge myself by utilising a framework and analytical structure I wasn’t used to.


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