The Atmosphere is Done for

Communications according to Ben

Another BCM subject and another digital artifact. This one however, rather than just a straight experiment, was an analysis of a subject. That subject is a game, specifically some kind of electronic game. As I had already set on another Digital artifact (BCM206 – which was scrapped) that utilized poker machines, it made sense to have two major assignments on the same subject matter. Thus “The Atmosphere of Addiction” was born. Although this assignment was involved a structural analysis of the machine as well as looking post structurally at the area in which they are housed. The VIP rooms of local pubs and clubs.

Initially, the project had been designed to be delivered in VLOG form, however, after getting in contact with some representatives from venues and discussing plans with them I asked whether I could film the interview and they all politely declined. The VLOG style presentation would suit…

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