Adaptation Arcade #4 – Analysis of Affect, Modality & Technique


Here in the Adaptation Arcade, we have explored several case studies of filmic adaptations of video games and have discussed the implications of the translated elements on the audience and the overall participatory experience. However, we haven’t yet conducted an analysis of the affective quality of both entertainment formats as part of the translation process. That is, until now.

The following piece will thus engage in such an examination by employing a triangulated analytical framework to bolster the overall depth of research. The main elements that will be considered are the technique and modality and how these impact the audience affect, or as Christopher Moore posits, “states of being rather than explicit manifestations or interpretations of emotions”, which each arguably have a bearing on the relative quality of any movie adaptation(s) of video game(s).

The technique is the technology involved with the entertainment format and the medium…

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