Blog post 3. Online vs reality, power satisfaction in an unreal world – Do players of Fortnite seek or wish to obtain the roles they have during the game in reality? what characters do those players have they don’t?

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I first crafted the topic of this blog post when I was structuring my Digital Artefact entirely. I was driven to discover and discuss the online gaming world and what impacts this may have on the offline world. With my case study focusing on Fortnite that draws in millions of players I was intrigued to use this as a prime example of what roles players play during the game they wish to obtain offline (when they are not playing). To explain this further, I wanted to see what characteristics their players withheld during the game that brings players the ultimate satisfaction during there gaming experience that they wish they had in there daily life off-screen. 

To begin I began posts to both Reddit and Twitter, interacting with different communities to find primary sources of information. I gained most traction through Reddit and engaged in a variety of different subreddits…

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